IIES is dedicated to research and education programs focused on those specializing in providing students integrative competencies that combine practical tools with experiences to develop work skills, innovate work readiness to improve confidence, and marketability of students to employers.

A few opportunities in life deserve a meaningful amount of time to reflect and explore. With this in mind, the Institute of Integrative Education & Skills (IIES) provides ample opportunity to think creatively about students who are first to go to college in their families without professional role models for example, to solve transitions problems with empathy, communication strategy, data visualization, and statistical interpretation of actionable data from underserved communities globally. Understanding geographic units/communities are natural gifts and learned skills, this is why these competencies are Skills4Industry. An academic philosophy that is founded on mapping for example, opportunities that exist globally for students to gain practical skills using structured integrative competence capabilities concepts to shape their experience, to think way outside the box, to practice what you’re learning outside the classroom, all over the world to improve quality of life.